Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Lets keep this simple. Video content isn’t new and it’s doesn’t have to be expensive… However it’s becoming a must for anyone using social media to promote themselves or their business. So here are 5 little tips to think about when you create your next video! Disclaimer, this isn’t rocket science but sometimes you just need to do the basics right.

1, Get out of the car…

Why is the trend at the moment to talk about your latest products while sat in a car in an ugly car park with litter on the floor in the background? I don’t get it. Get in your office, showcase your staff and busy office environment in the background or, if you’ve got it, get something branded to sit in front of. Think about what image you're giving out to your audience… and being slightly more professional by sitting at your desk would add value to what you do more than in your car…

2, Sound mate.

I personally think that the difference between an amateur video and professional video is sound quality. Your iPhone/smart phone has a great microphone on it… if you’re talking into it. But if you’re setting your phone up and you are sat away from it then the microphone is grabbing all the sound around. It goes the same with digital cameras, usually the internal microphone is trying to grab sound from every direction and not solo directed at you. You’ll sound echo-y or you’ll sound like you’re really far away. Easy fix… you can buy a decent tie microphone (the microphone which connects to your top) off amazon with a really long wire for next to nothing.

3, Selfie lighting…

If you don’t have any artificial blue light you can use then get near a window. Natural light is the the best way forward. Worse comes to worse just make sure you have the lights on, no one likes a grainy image.

4, Keep the camera steady.

No one wants to feel motion-sickness when watching your video so put the camera down. Get a tripod (they’re really cheap online…) or find a shelf or a large pile of books and put it there and don’t touch it.

5, Practice makes perfect.

Not one person is just a natural on camera. I’m not reinventing the wheel here, this is simple stuff. If you keep creating your videos, you will get better. Every television presenter you see does rehearsals and how many times do you think your favourite entrepreneur has done public speaking? They do it and do it and do it. Apparently if you do 10,000 hours of something you will become a master of it. So you need to start putting a shift in on your video content. The beauty of recording is if you don’t like the first one, just do it again. Don’t worry if you feel its rubbish you will get better and better… Hopefully these blog posts will do too!

Apparently on a blog you need a call to action… so here it is. Record yourself talking about your business and post it. Then do it again.


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